high fashion headdress designerI was asked by the oh so talented Nune Hov of http://mxnfashionhouse.blogspot.com to collaborate for Vancouver Fashion Week 2015

Well how could one say “NO” They don’t!!!!!!! I absolutely was flattered and got right away to making these one of a kind Elephant Tusk to go with MXN’s Teardrop Beaded Gown.

So why do this? Why focus all out energy on this particular cause?

It is so sad to say but around 96 African elephants are killed EVERY DAY for their ivory tusks.

Straight from the horses mouth here is a paragraph from Gabby herself.

“According to the DC-based Stimson Center, ~60,000 African elephants and ~1,650 African rhinos [both species] were poached in 2012 and 2013. In just Kenya alone, the number of black rhinos fell from ~20,000 in the 1970s to ~650 today.”

Just a little light to shine while you are out and about today. Remember to think of all you fellow creatures while you shop around for all that fashion and sparkle.

Theses designs were made to commemorate the elephants lost due to poaching. The dress will be donated to the Gabby Wild Life foundation, where it will be auctioned off to raise money to Save the Elephants.

Photography by — Noctem Photography
Model — Amber Gizinski
Hair and Makeup — Nana Avanessova
Wardrobe — www.mxnfashion.com
Elephant Tusks — www.RegaliaDesigns.com