Pink Princess Headdress


We all have a moment in life when we just want to rip off all the layers of life and be a Princess. Fall into a wild fairytale full of creatures, new seasons, and love that last a lifetime. Well Ladies and Gents you I have found a way for this to be a reality. No you do not have to alter your universe or even leave your home. You can transform into the Princess you have always been with Regalia Designs.

Follow these 3 steps …

Step 1 – Let Go

Step 2 – Put on Headdress by Regalia Designs

Step 3 – Rip off all clothing and Dance

Step 4 – Smile and Be Free


Now that you have done that please feel free to share you experience with us fellow Princesses. We all love to hear how other Princesses rule their kingdom.


Headdress – Regalia Designs

Photography – Lexy Bach

Model – Emilee Boyd