Keep It Up!

Keep it up!!!!!!!!!

It is so important to Keep It Up through all of the ups and downs of your growing business. You may find yourself running into the same problems and falling just short of your goals.  So How do we get passed this? Make a timeless business  grow?

We all get caught up with life and distractions we can’t control. Loose focus and forget we are running a business sometimes. So this is the first thing I have found to be helpful to slowly eliminate any distractions that may be getting in the way.

Set up a time to work on the computer at least three times a week for 2 hrs (this is just the beginning so if you can handle more do it).  Go to a local coffee shop, put on your favorite calming music, or just sit in a comfy spot and find that awesome work space in your head. You can use this time to research new project, write a blog, and watch business tutorials or take classes even.  No FB, Instagram or any social media of any kind. This should not be a “time-out” but a fun productive distraction from the distractions.

Another wonderful step to grow your timeless business is to start signing up for any and all business tutorials that relate to your personal interest.  I was hesitant of this at first but than started watching and realized how much valuable information you can pull from each class. It has helped me really start connecting with my customers on another level.  Here is a link to wonderful start up class

I will leave you with this last note……….. Always believe in what your doing. The power of positive thought will make your business, your life, and relationships so much more full. There is always doubt and sometimes faliure but you have the strength to pull though and to learn from each experience. Stay positive and you will succeed in all your magical, sparkly, wonderfulness that you are.